Sedation Dentistry in Seattle and more!

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Conscious Oral Sedation

In the right setting, offering adult oral sedation dentistry provides many advantages for the patient.  Also known as conscious sedation, the use of low dose oral agents or small amounts of nitrous oxide gas will help alleviate the patient’s fear and provide for an anxiety free visit. Conscious sedation drugs isn't for everyone, but those who have needle phobias, a bad gag reflex or who have had previous traumatic dental experiences may benefit from conscious sedation.  Please ask Dr. Klass for more information about dental sedation!

Sedation Dentistry in Seattle

Family Dentistry

Dr. Klass’s years in practice and wide experience with a number of different dental conditions has given him a broad background in dental care of all kinds.  He is prepared to care for your entire family’s dental needs whether it be simple cleaning, dental sealants, x-rays or more complicated root canals or extractions.  He is gentle and caring whether he is fitting your grandmother with dentures or cleaning your toddler’s teeth.  Dr. Klass’s practice is solo and his office quiet and comfortable. He will, first and foremost, focus on preventive dentistry and recommend only what is necessary.  He will give your entire family the personal care it deserves.

Pediatric Dentistry in Seattle

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry is an age-defined specialty that provides primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for infants and children through adolescence.  We are one of the few offices in Seattle that treat all age groups. Dr. Klass has had a special interest in these age groups since the beginning of his training when, at the University of Iowa, he was Project Director for The American Society of Dentistry for Children.  He has also served as King County Dental Society Chairman for the National Children’s Dental Health Month.  Dr. Klass continues his work with children finding time to volunteer for a free children’s dental clinic in Jerusalem and for the WDS Foundation Smilemobile, a free mobile dental clinic for children in Washington State.

Dr. Klass encourages parents and other health care providers to help every child establish dental care by 12 months of age.  The oral exam at this early age is usually accomplished with the parent present in the office.  It is most often only a visual exam while the child is sitting in the parent’s lap.  This way Dr. Klass can evaluate the child’s oral and dental development.  He will also discuss the importance of oral hygiene and the effects of diet on the dentition.